Stand on Love, Play with Respect

SOLPWR (an acronym for "Stand on Love, Play with Respect) was born as a rudimentary way of explaining to elementary school students the basic philosophy of Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian rhythmic martial art).


Eventually, SOLPWR became a life-mantra honoring the importance of living rooted in love while respectfully playing this human game.


Now, SOLPWR is recognized as a resource inside all of us that helps us cultivate our realities. It is the mission of SOLPWR Somatics to help everyone access and use this resource to collectively improve our quality of life.


Teachers and Mentors

Jeffrey Noble - Pranic Healing & NLP

Ghylian Bell - Yoga & Meditation

Mestre Kiki da Bahia - Capoeira

Dror Betzalel - Physical Therapy

Greg Toews - Medical AromaTherapy

Holistic Health Coach

Nick Macaluso

Nick is a certified personal trainer (NASM), yoga instructor (Abhaya Yoga), energy worker (Modern Pranic Healing), human potential engineer (NLP), capoeira instructor (Grupo Ginga), and end-of-life doula (INELDA); and currently studying ayurvedic health counseling.  

As a Holistic Health Coach, Nick serves to enhance his clients' physical, mental, and spiritual abilities by guiding them to their own inner resources, and then training them on how to use those resources safely, effectively, and efficiently to reach their goals.