Daily Emotional Wellness Classes

In these classes you practice basic mental exercises (a form of functional meditation) that strengthen your ability to work with your "emotional muscles."

Regardless of your skill level, you can expect to finish this class feeling empowered, and experiencing a stronger relationship with your mind and body.

All classes are 30-minutes long, facilitated via Zoom, and open to members after their first workshop.

  • Mon / Wed / Fri - 10am EST Tues / Thurs - 3pm EST

    5 US dollars

Emotional Wellness Classes

Want more control over your 'mental body'?

Emotions are like muscles - we all have them,

but few of us are ever taught how to use them.

These daily 30-minute classes are for those who want to continue enhancing their mental health after participating in an 'Emotional Exercise' workshop.

* Money should never be a reason why someone cannot access health and wellness services. If you would like to take a class, but truly cannot afford it, submit the form below and you will be provided access upon review.


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