60-Day Emotional Mastery Program

Take Control of Your Mind and Body, Permanently

Never feel overwhelmed or out of control of your emotions again. In 60-days you will learn the SOLPWR® method of mindbody empowerment to take your mental health and emotional wellness into your own hands.

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Start Date:

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Weekly Workshop: 

October 1st, 2020

November 29th, 2020

Every Sunday 1-3pm EST

  • Daily mental exercises provided to you via email, text or workbook

  • Weekly 2-hr group check-ins and workshops (10 people max.)

  • On-demand personal coaching for assistance in achieving your goal

  • A dedicated group of individuals to support each other through the program

Days 1-10: (1) Emotional Mindset

Participants become aware of how their values, beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors are being represented in their minds; and question how to enhance their mental tools to meet their goals.

Days 11-24: (2) Emotional Stability

Participants learn the fundamentals of somatic mindfulness meditation; and begin to practice calmly observing, listening to, and feeling the emotional activity inside of their minds and bodies.

Days 25-51: (3-5) Emotional Movement

Participants learn the basics of mental exercise and use it to train the creativity (3), flexibility (4), and strength (5) of their 10 Core Emotional Muscles.

Days 52-60: (6) Emotional Resilience

Participants practice controlling their minds and bodies in the most overwhelming challenges of their lives, and learn how to transform the challenges into opportunities for growth.

* Money should never be a reason why someone cannot access health and wellness services. If you would like to participate in the program, but truly cannot afford it, submit the form below and you will be provided access upon review.


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