Train your mind with mental and emotional exercises.  

With this comprehensive method of mental exercise, participants are guaranteed to enhance their mental and emotional health for life.


Over the course of 6 weeks, participants attend weekly 90-minute group classes and private 1-on-1 sessions to integrate the lesson of each class into their personalized goal-oriented programs.

The Schedule

Week 1: Mental Mindset: Question the mental tools (beliefs, values, perceptions, and behaviors) you use to process life, and how those tools can be enhanced to help you meet your goals.

Week 2: Mental Stability: Learn a basic form of somatic meditation that enhances your ability to peacefully observe your life, listen to your mind, and engage with your body.

Week 3-5: Mental Mobility: Begin to actively train your mind with unique mental exercises to cultivate your mind's creativity (3), flexibility (4), and strength (5).

Week 6: Mental Resilience: Learn how to overcome your challenges, and make them opportunities for you to grow and enhance your life.

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