The 60 Day Mind-Pain Relief Program

Commitment to the Process

Days 1-15

Phase 1 : Mindset Training

Goal: More clarity and awareness of

the content of your mind

Days 16-30

Phase 2 : Stability Training

Goal: More safety and stillness in

the activity of your mind

Days 31-45

Phase 3 : Movement Training

Goal: More freedom and creativity in

the design of your mind

Days 46-60

Phase 4 : Resilience Training

Goal: More benefits and growth from

your life's challenges


The 60-Day Mind-Pain Relief Program provides you with an opportunity to be immersed in SOLPWR Somatics training with a small group of 5 other individuals each committed to meeting their health goals.

The program consists of weekly 2-hour workshops with your group, a workbook with daily exercises, personal 1-on-1 check-ins every 10 days, and access to the SOLPWR Somatics weekly classes.

next program schedule

Start Date: February 11th 2021

End Date: April 12th 2021

Weekly Workshops: Every Saturday 10-12pm EST

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